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Awake forever in a sweet unrest.—keats

○ 27
○ 155cm
○ midwest
○ forever introvert
○ oliver my pug
○ club soda, no ice
○ chvrches, t+s, haim
○ event + media coordinator at a private deaf preschool


Danmark er hjemme i mit hjerte

Let’s enroll at tcc. Nope.

Please send us a mailed transcript from your school in a sealed envelope. And because you were on academic probation 8 years ago you may not be able to do this semester.

I have my transcript right here though…the original document. And it’s been 8 years.nope.

Calls old school

Before we can send tcc your transcript please fax us a written letter requesting your transcript.

Class starts next Tuesday. So much for this fuck you college

blood type: video games